Kanzan and Jittoku (寒山拾得圖), Attributed to Shūbun (周文), inscription by Shun’oku Sōen (春屋宗園).

Muromachi  (室町) period, 15th century, ink on paper, 99.6 × 36.9cm. Tokyo National Museum, Japan , Important Cultural Property. ⓒColBase(https://colbase.nich.go.jp/) 

Hanshan and Shide (Kanzan and Jittoku in Japanese) were Chinese monks who were thought to be  incarnations of the bodhisattvas Mañjuśrī and Samantabhadra due to their miraculous deeds. In most paintings, Hanshan holds a scroll in his hand, and Shide holds a broomstick. Shun’oku Sōen (春屋宗園), 1529–1611, who wrote the inscription at the top of the painting, was the abbot of the Daitokuji (大德寺) temple at the time. He is known to have communicated with many literati tea connoisseurs (茶人) such as Sen no Rikyū (千利休) and Tsuda Sōgyū (津田宗及).